First payment: June 20, 2021

    The Pop Dude Bag Monthly Subscription

    $199.00 now, and $199.00 on the 20th of each month

    The Pop Dude Bag is a subscription box full of pop culture products from your favorite dude movies. Our pop bag is packed full of practical gear, replica memorabilia, props, collectibles, and more to immerse yourself. Basically, all the cool sh!t from your favorites movies that you’ve always wanted.  Every Pop Dude Bag has a minimum bag retail value of $400!

    Subscribe to the Pop Dude Bag for the chance to win autographed photos and collectibles. One lucky Dude Bag subscriber will receive a few extra special items in their Pop Dude Bag. We will randomly select one Pop Bag per month to add a signed item or photo from an actor related to the month’s theme.

    Your first Pop bag will ship the month following your sign up. For example, sign up by January 31st and you will receive your first Pop Dude Bag in February.

    Monthly Pop Bags:

    February: The Wick Bag


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